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RCM AutoSeq
RCM AutoSeq
Start dance recital order
Start dance recital order

Create perfect, conflict-free recital orders with the click of a button!

Dance studio recital

•  Designate routines to open and close each half
•  Schedule your youngest dancers in the first half
•  Showcase featured routines in the second half
•  Select the break between dancers’ performances
•  Modify automatically generated orders as needed

RCM AutoSeq™ is the first-of-its-kind dance school recital planning software that enables studios to automatically generate recital orders that satisfy their artistic criteria, while allowing dancers a break of a specified number of routines between any two of their performances.

Dance school dashboard

Creating a conflict-free recital order has never been easier:

✔ Enter your list of recital routines

✔ Enter your list of students with their routine numbers

✔ Select your criteria for the perfect recital order

✔ Click “Start Run”

Result: Your routines sequenced perfectly, ready to be used as-is or further modified as you wish.

Included design features, along with the ability to modify automatically generated recital orders, offer maximum flexibility at an unprecedented speed.

Automatically generate as many recital routine sequences as you wish using the same or different settings — no two sequences will ever be alike.

For dance schools that prefer handcrafting over automation, RCM AutoSeq also allows you to create conflict-free recital orders manually, with the same full control of your artistic needs.

RCM AutoSeq is offered at a one-time price of $39.95 (USD) with lifetime support and upgrades.

See more details on the RCM AutoSeq Overview page.

Interested in a closer look? Download a free demo version of RCM AutoSeq now!

Serving dance schools in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand

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