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RCM AutoSeq

What do I need to use the program?

RCM AutoSeq is built with Visual Basic for Applications, using Microsoft Excel as a front end for its familiar graphical interface and ease of use. This allows easy data entry and display of information in the front end, resulting in a much more flexible and robust program.
Studio information:

•  A list of your recital routines
•  A roster of your students with the routines in which they will be performing

RCM AutoSeq supports 75 recital routines with 800 students performing in up to 15 routines each.

System requirements:

•  Windows – XP or newer
•  Microsoft Excel – version 2003 or newer

•  Mac – OS X 10.0 or newer
•  Microsoft Office for Mac – version 2011 or newer
•  Microsoft Excel – version 14.0 or newer (see the note below)
Will RCM AutoSeq work on my Mac?

•  Important: RCM AutoSeq will NOT work with the Numbers spreadsheet on your Mac — you MUST have Excel installed!
•  Download the free RCM AutoSeq Mac Tester to check if RCM AutoSeq will work with your versions of macOS and Microsoft Office for Mac.

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