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Recital Conflict Manager

Some important facts

•  Will the Recital Conflict Manager work with my versions of Windows and Excel?
The RCM program will work with all versions since Windows 2000 and Excel 2003 including Windows 11 and Excel 2016.

•  Will the program work on a Mac?
The Recital Conflict Manager contains Visual Basic code that may not be supported by Microsoft Office for Mac. However, several studios have reported using the program successfully on a Mac after adjusting security settings to allow macros. Download the free demo program. If you are able to use the menu buttons and create a test recital program, the full version of the Recital Conflict Manager will work for you as well.

•  Can I use the Recital Conflict Manager to plan several recitals this year and in future years as well?
Absolutely. Renamed copies of the RCM file can be used for multiple recitals for convenience and record keeping.

•  Are macros dangerous? How are they used in the RCM program?
Macros are strings of Microsoft Visual Basic code that perform complicated or repetitive tasks. The Recital Conflict Manager uses macros safely and securely to execute algorithms and make the task of managing your information easy.

•  What is AutoSeq™? When will it be released?
AutoSeq™ is the next version of the Recital Conflict Manager that offers the ability to generate, at the click of a button, a sequence of routines for your recital that is free of conflicts and meets your artistic criteria. Its release is planned for October 2022. Let us know if you want to be notified when AutoSeq™ is available for sale.

•  How do I reach sales and tech support?
Contact us, email your questions to or call us within the United Sates or worldwide (via WhatsApp) at 732-501-3347.

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