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RCM AutoSeq

Some important facts

RCM AutoSeq version 4.1.1 was released on May 9, 2023:

•  Break intervals — the minimum number of routines between students’ performances — can now be designated separately for each routine rather than for the entire recital.
•  The program now supports up to 800 students performing in up to 15 routines each.
•  The Conflict Alert screen now displays each routine’s level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced).
Current RCM AutoSeq suite versions:

•  RCM AutoSeq 4.1.1 — fully automated recital order generator
•  RCM AutoSeq Demo 4.1.0 — free demo program
•  RCM AutoSeq Mac Tester 4.0.0 — free Mac compatibility tester

Users of the legacy Recital Conflict Manager or an earlier version of RCM AutoSeq are eligible for a free upgrade. Contact us for a copy of the newest release.

Reviews and constructive comments are always welcome. If you love the program or have a question or suggestion, visit the RCM AutoSeq Design Forum and leave a note.

The RCM AutoSeq™ mark was claimed on June 27, 2022 as the name of the new, reimagined version of the Recital Conflict Manager that enables users to automate the sequencing of dance recital routines, generating conflict-free recital orders that meet user-determined specifications.

Frequently asked questions

•  Will RCM AutoSeq work with my version of Excel?
The program will work with all software versions since Windows XP and Excel 2003, or since Mac OS X 10.0 and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.
•  Will the program work well on my Mac?
RCM AutoSeq should work with recent versions of macOS and Microsoft Office for Mac. Download the free RCM AutoSeq Mac Tester. If you are able to perform all the tasks in that application, RCM AutoSeq will work on your Mac as well.

Note: AutoSeq will NOT work with the Numbers spreadsheet on your Mac — you MUST have Microsoft Excel installed to run the program.

•  How are macros used in RCM AutoSeq?
Macros are Microsoft Visual Basic subroutines that perform complex or repetitive tasks. RCM AutoSeq uses macros safely and securely to execute algorithms that identify valid sequences of recital routines with unprecedented speed and make the task of managing your information fast and easy.
•  Are there really no fees after my initial purchase of RCM AutoSeq?
Correct. Your purchase includes lifetime use of the program, all future upgrades and unlimited tech support.
•  How is “AutoSeq” pronounced?
The program’s name is pronounced “Auto Seek,” a word play on the fact that it automatically sequences your recital routines and automatically seeks recital orders that match your criteria perfectly.
•  How do I reach sales and tech support?
Contact us, email your questions to or call us within the United States at 732-501-3347.

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