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Recital Conflict Manager

Some important facts

• Will the Recital Conflict Manager work with my versions of Windows and Excel?
The program has been tested and works well with all versions since Windows 2000 and Excel 97, including Windows 10 and Excel 2016.

• Will the program work on a Mac or with Microsoft Office 365?
The Recital Conflict Manager is generally not supported by Microsoft Office for Mac. However, several studios have reported using it successfully on a Mac. Download the free demo program. If you are able to use all the menu buttons and create a test recital program, the full version of the Recital Conflict Manager will work for you as well.

The Recital Conflict Manager will work with Microsoft Office 365, but not with the free web-based version of Excel.

• Can I use the Recital Conflict Manager to plan my recital next year as well?
Absolutely. To reuse the program, simply delete all routine and student information and start anew. You may also make copies of the Excel file you downloaded, rename them and use different copies for multiple recitals this year or in future years.

• Is the Recital Conflict Manager just a spreadsheet?
Absolutely not. Read about the program here to get an appreciation of what it does and how powerful it is.

• How are macros used in the program?
Macros in Microsoft Excel are strings of Visual Basic code that perform complicated or repetitive tasks automatically. The Recital Conflict Manager uses macros to make the task of managing your information easy and prevent unwanted changes to the program that would affect your results.

• How do I reach sales and tech support?
Contact us or email your questions to
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