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Recital Conflict Manager

Designing your recital sequence

Entering routine numbers in the Conflict Alert screen automatically displays the routine names and identifies all students performing in them.

RCM 30 Conflict Alert screenshot

In the above example, the artistic director set an interval of two routines between performances and entered the first five routines in the program, creating two conflicts: Hannah Black is in back-to-back numbers, and Jordan Thistle has a break of only one routine between her numbers. The total number of conflicts and the routines and students affected are clearly indicated.

Entering data

Routine names and numbers can be entered directly or copied from another source into the Routines Input Screen. Students and the routines in which they are performing can be entered in one of two ways; the grid screen is shown.

RCM 30 Students Input A screenshot

Students and routines can be added or deleted at any time. Recital routines can be added to or deleted from any position within a finished or partially finished recital sequence for artistic reasons or to resolve conflicts.

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