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Recital Conflict Manager

What sets the Recital Conflict Manager apart?

Your studio management program may alert you to recital conflicts—but is it user friendly? Can you view your recital sequence in a clear, graphical way and make changes in real time to see how they affect the flow of your recital?

The Recital Conflict Manager is intuitively designed and simple to use: select the rest interval you wish between any two performances by a student and start entering your ideal recital sequence.

Be alerted immediately of conflicts, with instant information as to which routine created the conflict and which performers are affected.

Make adjustments in real time, rearranging the sequence of routines until you are satisfied that no students are affected by conflicts.

Correct problems in completed recital programs quickly as in this cute but very real example of a serious routines order conflict.

The Recital Conflict Manager can be used in any number of scenarios as practiced by different dance studios:

•  One recital program given over several days
•  One program with several routine changes on different days
•  Separate programs performed in different sessions on one day or over several days
•  Almost any other combination of recital sequences that a studio wishes to use

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