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An open discussion on automated sequencing

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• Bo, RCM
AutoSeq is designed to take into account the studio owner’s artistic vision and audience experience in addition to the mundane task of preventing conflicts. Your input is valuable to determine what is most important and how to address conflicting priorities. Every idea or question is welcome, as it provides fresh insight.

• Cath, AUS
It would be great if you could make the program Mac compatible.

• Keri, USA
I would like to see a program that is Mac compatible as I know many in the dance world are using Macs.

• Francine, USA
Making it available on a Mac or iPad would be amazing too.

RCM AutoSeq is compatible with Macs running certain versions of macOS and Office for Mac. A free tester app is available to check if the Visual Basic code in RCM AutoSeq will run on your Mac.

• Melanie, DEU
My concern with an automatic program is that it can’t take things like “put the best dances at the end of the show” into account.

You are able to make changes to the automatically generated recital sequence and move routines as desired. In addition, you can “back-load” designated routines, sequencing your featured performances in the second half of a recital.

• Melissa, USA
I would like this program, but I would then like to still manipulate it manually. We have certain dances that we open and close with etc. We also have young dancers ages 2-5 and we always try to have their dances at the beginning of our shows, so I’m not sure how that would work.

Specific routines can be designated as the opening number, finale etc. The “front-loading” feature is designed to sequence all level 1 routines, those with your youngest dancers, in the first half of a recital.

• Keenan, USA
I would love the option to specify the number of routines between performances of the same class. For example: my beginning ballet/jazz class has one ballet dance and one jazz dance. I’d like their performances to be at least 7 numbers apart in our recital.

Starting with version 4.1.0, you are able to do just that — designate a separate interval value for each recital routine. You can also export the results of a sequencing run to the Conflict Alert screen and move individual routines as desired.

• Lee, CAN
Will there be an option for multiple recitals? We can certainly help with that! We do six shows. 🙂

You can enter information for up to 800 students in AutoSeq, then make multiple copies of the program to use with different recitals, changing only the recital routine data. Several dance schools are doing just that.

• Keenan, USA
I have a couple of dancers for whom it’s okay to have conflicts of one routine between performances and other dancers for whom I’d like to set the interval at two or more routines between performances. If there is a way to set different intervals for dancers that may also be helpful.

Setting break intervals by student is not possible, as students with different ability levels may be in the same class. However, you can now set a separate break interval for each routine, which you can tailor to the skill levels of those students.

• Keenan, USA
I am a small one-room school but I have a feeling larger studios with multiple rooms would love a program like this for setting a weekly class schedule. Many use sticky notes! A program that inputs teachers’ schedules, students in each class, time parameters for each class and what room they’re able to fit in. Just a thought for the future.

RCM AutoSeq in manual mode can do that now by substituting the concept of “performance” with “class time.” I can share the instructions with anyone who is interested.

• Alisa, USA
If you are able to do this, do you know when you might have it available to consumers?

RCM AutoSeq was released to dance schools worldwide on February 1, 2023.

• Bo, RCM
In addition to RCM AutoSeq, available applications include a free RCM AutoSeq Demo for interested dance schools and a free RCM AutoSeq Mac Tester for studios using a Mac. The finished program is full-featured and a valuable addition to any dance school’s recital planning toolbox.

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